A short introduction to The Danish Disability Council

In 1980 the dialogue between representatives of disabled persons and the authorities was strengthened by the formation of the Danish Disability Council.

Devolvement of the care of disabled persons implied a desire both with the organisations for disabled persons and the Government that the dialogue about equal opportunities for disabled persons should be placed with an effective central body. This led to the establishment of the Danish Disability Council.

The Danish Disability Council is a Government-funded body. The representatives are from Disabled Peoples Organisations in Denmark (5 representatives) and different organisations and institutions in society. The Chairman and two members are personally appointed by the Minister for Social Affairs and Integration.

The Council’s tasks are to monitor the situation of disabled people in society in view of UN Convention on Rights for Persons with Disabilities. The Council acts as an advisory body to Government and Parliament on issues relating to disability policy. The Council can take initiatives and propose changes in areas affecting the life of disabled people and their living conditions.


More information about composition and tasks of the Danish Disability Council.